The Workshops


… turn all the knowledge taught in the theoretical lessons into a practical experience.

The students of both the Secondary Technical College and the Secondary Technical School will


  • improve their specific practical skills by designing, manufacturing and styling products
  • be able to operate relevant tools, devices and facilities
  • be capable of analyzing working processes and labour results in precise technical terminology


Groups of 8 to 11 students are trained in our bright and friendly workshops for basic mechanics training, PCB layout, networking and cabling, robotics (Siemens S7), and radio frequency engineering. While working with various electronic devices autonomously, the students´ practical skills and up-date engineering know-how can mature.

Company presentations and field trips to local enterprises show students how to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in future joblife.

Training in various fields like Electro-Installation, Electronics, PCB Technology and Computer Engineering comprises, for example:


  • set-up, putting into operation and performance test of electronic circuits and devices
  • manufacture and test of printed circuit boards
  • CAD, CAM, CNC - manufacture and putting into operation of digital and analogue assembly groups
  • assembly, maintenance and networking of computer systems and peripheral devices