Training for the future, opportunities for life


    Within the Austrian education system the so-called HTLs (i.e. upper secondary technical and vocational colleges) are the flagships of TVE (technical and vocational education and training). HTLs offer education in a wide variety of different fields of engineering and technology such as ...


    • construction engineering
    • graphics and design
    • chemical engineering
    • informatics and software engineering
    • electronics
    • electrical engineering
    • mechanical engineering
    • industrial management
    • mechatronics
    • automotive engineering
    • food production technology


    High-quality technical and vocational education and training oriented towards practical and economic requirements is of prime importance: the better the TVE, the higher the chance of employment. As a country with a pronounced degree of TVE, Austria boasts an extremely low level of youth unemployment as compared to other EU Member States.


    In Austria, initial vocational training mainly takes place at upper secondary level, which starts already at the ages of 14 or 15 and lasts - depending on the selected area - between two and five years. The early decision for a particular TVE education and training pathway as well as the wide range of training and further training offers facilitate a goal-oriented promotion of the students┬┤ interests and talents. A well-balanced offer of general education, subject-related theoretical background at the latest scientific standard, as well as relevant practical professional experience guarantee that TVE is more than just the training of certain skills or the application of certain machines.  Personality training, communicative competencies, the ability to work in teams and co-operate, flexibility, mobility and social commitment are decisive criteria to successfully cope with the demands of the labour market of the future.


    Since the early 1990s, the secondary technical and vocational colleges have been in particular demand - approximately 32% of young Austrians attend a TVE college, 13 % a TVE school. Besides direct entry into a profession, TVE  colleges offer a "Reifepr├╝fung" (i.e. university entrance qualification)- and TVE Diploma Examination. The acquisition of professional qualifications, general access to higher education and course recognition at European level represent a high level of training. Under Commission directive 95/43/EC of 20 July 1995, training at TVE colleges and the special forms thereof constitutes diploma-level education and is thus equivalent to post-secondary vocational training in other EU Member States.

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