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Our Location in Leonding

We are happy to call ourselves a MINT school

The MINT seal of approval is awarded to educational institutions that use various measures to promote innovative and inspiring learning in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology and implement it with a variety of approaches for girls and boys.

The seal of quality is awarded to selected educational institutions by a committee of experts based on the applications.

MINT Verleihung
MINT Verleihung


The five pillars of our guidelines

We respect each other

We work consistently to improve and expect everyone involved to work with equal commitment to improve our school. We are aware of the positive side of our students and their parents and expect that they also see our positive side.
We openly address opportunities for improvement, discuss them in a respectful manner and seek a common solution for the benefit of our students and the school.

We offer our students the freedom to develop

We know that learning is an individual process in which each and every learner has to spur themselves on to top performance. We want to support this process by on the one hand creating a positive learning environment and on the other hand making our content available to our students in such a way that they can benefit from it to the maximum.
This also includes offering the students the freedom, within the scope of our possibilities, to approach and understand the topics to be learned in different ways (depending on their individual learning preferences).

We are THE training center for Informatics, IT Media Technology, Electronics and Medical Technology

The economy in central Upper Austria is technology-focused. The core competence in the development of creative ideas in technology (and not only there) is the merging of different ideas from different disciplines and the appreciative discussion and adaptation of these different approaches. A resulting special feature is the remarkably fertile ground for a combination of technology and creative industries.
With the departments of computer science, IT media technology, electronics and technical computer science as well as biomedical and health technology, we have a great bundling of technical and creative components. With this offer, which is additionally supplemented by the creative and committed support from our general education subjects, we can continue to expand our three main pillars, namely the best students, the most experienced teachers and excellent cooperation with the economic area surrounding us.

These three main pillars are constantly evaluated and everything is done to maintain or increase this high level of training.

We offer practice-oriented training for national and international business

The HTL Leonding is located in a technological ecosystem whose demands on the people who want to live and work in it are constantly changing at great speed. We design our school life in such a way that our graduates are not only able to cope with the changes, but can also drive them forward. For this it is necessary that we consistently confront our students with the changing requirements and develop effective solution strategies with them.
On the one hand, this requires us to always be at the cutting edge of technology
and on the other hand, to set an example for our students, to recognize and use the chances of an international orientation. We can only achieve this by establishing and maintaining close contact with companies and organizations in the national and international environment and by realizing projects in close cooperation with business.
This enables us to ensure that our graduates can hold their ground very well in their future work life or are well prepared to complete further training.

We live social competence

In addition to a well-founded education in the technical field, which is a matter of course, it is a core concern of our students to bring the social skills, such as appropriate behavior, self-confident appearance, punctuality, adherence to schedules, self-organization and assumption of responsibility to the highest possible level.
We consider this to be necessary for two reasons. On the one hand, this focus has a direct impact on our school climate, as socially competent students and teachers work better together. On the other hand, we know from the requirement profiles of our business partners and also from the practical experience of our teachers that in the field of computer science/electronics, the social and communicative skills and, last but not least, the general education of the partners involved have just as great an influence on success as their technical skills.< br>
At this point we want to emphasize the importance of general education subjects for the development of creative people. With support from this area, we regularly take part in cultural projects. Our students should be trained to be creative and reliable members of our society through this mix of different opportunities.