Leonding Goes Global: School Partnerships and International Relations


In a globalized world we tend to focus on international relations more and more. As many of our students will work in international environments later, giving them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with multilingual as well as multicultural communities has become an integral part in today´s modern engineering education.


We first opened doors to the world in November 2002. We participated in a Leonardo da Vinci project which had been initiated by a group of teachers working for different upper secondary technical and vocational colleges (i.e. HTLs) in Upper Austria, seven among them from HTL Leonding. Our partners in this project were:

Koning Willem I College in ´s-Hertogenbosch/Netherlands, Göteborgsregionens Tekniska Gymnasium in Gothenburg/Sweden, and Pohjois-Savo Polytechnic in Varkaus/Finland. The aims of the project called "Working English - English as a Working Language" were to find out ...

  • how and when teachers and students are prepared to use English as a working language (EWL)
  •  how and why teachers and students use EWL
  • what teachers and students think about using EWL and how they feel about using EWL
  • what kind of problems concerning the general information transfer (could) come up when using EWL
  •  what kind of measures are taken to deal with various problems
  • how EWL has already been integrated in the respective curricula of educational boards and institutions

Detailed information about our recent international projects can be found in the International Relations / Recent Activities section of our website.