CSI — Computer Science International


Interested in computers and in programming?

Want to know how your favorite computer game is produced, how Instagram is programmed and what Artificial Intelligence really is?

Good at English too?

Then you should come to our CSI Class. Here you'll learn all of this and much more. The next level quality qualification in computer science together with a great education in Math, English and German will get you into a great position in one of the most attractive labor markets available.

Join us and enjoy the unique atmosphere while studying with international classmates.


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Naos - Humanoid Robotics

In the optional subject Humanoid Robotics, our Naos are trained for national and international robotic challenges. HTL Leonding won the Robocup Austrian Open in the Humanoid Challenge category in 2018 and 2019 and was the only Austrian team to qualify for the Robocup German Open in April 2020.

Leo IoT - Internet of Things

Various sensors in the classroom report data such as temperature, CO2 content or volume to our school IoT server. These are analyzed there with the help of artificial intelligence. The evaluation results are visualized in a 3D model of the school building.

Leonie - Talking 3D-Avatar

Leonie is the avatar of HTL Leonding, who can speak to visitors to provide information. Our Leonie has traveled a lot, so she has been exhibited in the AEC, in the Knowledge Tower and in the Castle Museum, among other places, and has made various live appearances, such as at the Leondinger Ball in 2019.

Model Factory - High Bay Warehouse & Production Line

At the Fischertechnik model factory, students in the electronics department can practice developing complicated controls for machines. The model has been restored and brought up to the latest state of the art since 2017 as part of several HTL diploma theses.